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Founder of Decibel Studios LA's experience

Jesus Martinez is a producer and requinto player from Los Angeles, CA. He began to play requinto at the age of 11 under his father’s instruction. The requinto is a unique tenor guitar with latin roots and classical background. Later on he commenced his academic career at Berklee College of Music finishing with a BA in Production & Engineering.

In 2011, he became a member of Tres Souls, a trio embracing the sounds of the 1940’s bolero genre. In 2018 Tres Souls began to record their EP which Jesus arranged, produced, and engineered. He then decided to create Decibel Studios. The studio focuses on recording and arranging regional Mexican music. The philosophy at Decibel is to record with high quality right at the source. This means we hire excellent musicians that are equipped with fine instruments. This also has enabled us to accumulate gear from legendary companies like Neve, SSL, Manley, Neumann and more. 

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